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Through the Lens of Walter Braun

Once a year, thousands of photographers and gawkers descend on Yosemite National Park to see one of nature’s fascinating performances: Horsetail Falls.

Four friends from Rossmoor-Walnut Creek made the trek to Yosemite for a long weekend of photography. All four visited the same venues but each captured a different version of the scenes. Comparing images after the trip, it was fascinating to see how differently we interpreted the same scene. Yosemite is drop-dead gorgeous. If you haven’t visited yet, by all means put it on your bucket list. In winter, spring and late fall you have all the elbow room you need; the crowds in summer however make it an ordeal.

The attached photos should whet anyone’s appetite; we joked that there were no bad photo opportunities in Yosemite, only bad photographers. The main reason for our visit was the appearance of Horsetail Falls. As the sun sets, it casts its red glow on a small waterfall plunging over the edge of El Capitan. The resulting glow is amazing, as you will see in the photo. The phenomenon occurs for only a few days in mid-February, lasts only a few minutes and is completely dependent on a good flow of water over the fall and no clouds in the sky. Putting all those “ifs” together means that you have maybe a 20% chance of seeing Horsetail Fall. We were fortunate to witness it and that combined with a weekend spent with friends made it all worthwhile.

Walt Braun

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All photos courtesy of Walter Braun – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek