Through the Lens of Flo Hendry

Flo & Rescued Rats


by Flo Hendry, Rossmoor Walnut Creek Resident

From an early age I loved being in natural open spaces among wildlife. My love of animals led me to careers in the animal care field working twenty years as an Animal Health Technician & now as a professional pet sitter. I got a digital camera to capture photos of my clients’ pets but it was my passion for wildlife & wildflowers that led me to nature photography. 

I was drawn to Rossmoor due to its natural open spaces with its abundant & diverse assortment of critters. Great enjoyment is felt while walking throughout Rossmoor both on the trails & sidewalks. The appreciation of the smell of the pines, the sights & sounds of nature is never ending. I like the challenge of trying to get images of the various birds, mammals, reptiles, & invertebrates that dwell here. This set of images represents most of the different species I’ve been able to capture.

Rossmoor Nature Club has kept track of birds seen in Rossmoor since 1997. The total number of bird species identified as of December 2014 is 133. Coyotes can be heard and seen; occasionally fox, raccoons and skunks are sighted. Most of the images here were taken near Golden Rain Road (GRR) & Rossmoor Golf Course (RGC), with a few on trails off of Saklan Indian Road. 

I relish the pleasure by being able to share my images & hope that these photos will educate & instill a greater appreciation for the wildlife & nature that exist in this wonderful scenic community. 



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All photos courtesy of Flo Hendry from Rossmoor Walnut Creek.