Rainbow Over the Globe™ reaches out to residents affected by fire

By Mitch Harvey,
National Director of Rainbow Over the Globe™

In response to the recent fire in Montgomery Mutual, Rainbow Over the Globe™, the new LGBT division of Leisureworld.com™, reached out to displaced residents to offer support. At a Sept. 26 luncheon at Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge, Rainbow provided each resident victimized by last month’s terrible fire, with a check to help defray some of their unexpected expenses.

On Sept. 15, a fire spread rapidly, destroying two apartments in Montgomery Mutual on Gleneagles Way. The incident occurred in a 12-unit building, in which 10 units were occupied. Beyond the units directly affected by the fire, units throughout the rest of the building withstood varying degrees of smoke and water damage. Some residents will be able to return to their homes within the next couple of weeks; others at the end of the year; and those with the most damage will be displaced through most of 2016.

Rainbow Over the Globe™ is a concept created by Heidi Cortese, CEO of RRLH Inc., and owner of Leisureworld.com™. Rainbow was established to support and promote the interaction of LGBT seniors living in all the communities under the Leisure World®/Rossmoor/Laguna Woods Brand.

The mission of Leisureworld.com™, and therefore “Rainbow”, is to foster a happy, open and interactive environment for all residents. Therefore, Rainbow felt obligated to step up and come to the aid of fellow residents in their time of need. Although Rainbow concentrates its efforts mostly with LGBT communities, the organization believes that there are situations where any differences and any barriers should be put aside. Members of our community needed assistance and we wanted to reach out and help, not giving any thought to whether the fire victims are gay or straight. Residents needed help and so Rainbow offered it.

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Fire Aftermath

All photos courtesy of Joanne and Larry Mars – Residents of Leisure World® Maryland.