LGBT Rainbow Over Rossmoor


At the end of a rainstorm, a rainbow appears. A rainbow brings beauty, hope and fascination as to the location of where that mythical pot of gold might be. If you can see a rainbow…then surely there must really be a pot of gold too!

Yes…there is! The “Pot of Gold” was found after this particular Northern California storm at the Stanley Dollar Clubhouse at Rossmoor Walnut Creek. Here on January 20th, LGBT Rossmoor residents gathered to meet Heidi Cortese, CEO of RRLH, Inc., owner of the website™. It was the largest turnout since their Holiday Party at the end of last year.

Mr. Chris Spanos, President of the Rossmoor LGBT Alliance, greeted his club members and guests at the door. Live piano music courtesy of Don Hall and beautiful floral bouquets by Michael Daigian Floral Designs set the tone for what would become a “gold strike” for all!

Ms. Cortese spoke while guests dined on delicious food prepared by Susan Foord Catering. It was crystal clear that a “solid gold” connection was made between the interesting and curious guests and Ms. Cortese. Ms. Cortese unfurled stories of her family and a brief history of the inception of Rossmoor. She went on to say that her position in advocating for LGBT equality would be in step with her father’s (Ross Cortese – original developer of Rossmoor Walnut Creek) legacy.

“He has been described as a ‘Visionary.’ That word is rather overused. My dad was best described as a ‘people-person.’ He loved people and observed what they did and how they did it. These communities are living examples of his observations: The gracious pathways and open spaces…the vast selection of amenities…the high-quality locations. Just these points alone speak to his vision of comfort for those living in his developments. Philosophically, his attitudes and preferences were all-inclusive.”

Ms. Cortese went on to speak about™:™ is unique in that it is the first active-adult social media website with an LGBT webpage, Rainbow Over the Globe™. Rainbow Over the Globe™ is a place where LGBT residents of Leisure World®, Laguna Woods Village® and Rossmoor Communities will be able to:

  • Meet friends locally as well as miles away
  • Share a hobby, display a talent
  • Go on LGBT planned vacations – Globe Trot Together!
  • Build awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Enter contests specifically for LGBT Residents
  • AND…maybe most importantly, know that residents have a “safe” place to “Come Out” – without risk of ridicule

It is Ms. Cortese’s hope to add other active adult communities by other developers to the™ website, as well as explore the potential for developing a gay men’s luxury enclave in the Palm Springs area.

A wonderful time was had by one and all…the evening became a golden memory!

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All photos courtesy of Hetta Malone – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek,
except where noted.