Showing Our
True Colors in Maryland

Greetings, Global Travelers!

This past weekend, Rheanna Le and I traveled to Leisure World® of Maryland to attend the Leisure World® LGBT Club Meeting. We had been invited to the meeting by our now new BFF Mitch Harvey, President of the Club. Mitch Harvey is working endlessly to get the “word” out that it is “OK” for folks to “come out” at any age. No matter what, it is important for everyone to show their true colors. His efforts in planning the meeting, as well as promoting his LGBT Club through articles in “The Blade” newspaper, are making a good and lasting impression on all.

It was fortuitous for us to be in that part of the globe, because simultaneously, there was a national conference on AIDS taking place in Washington, DC.™ has been a supporter of The Orange County AIDS Services Foundation for many years. As it turned out, long time friend and CEO of ASF, Phil Yaeger, was in the district for the convention. He offered to speak at the LGBT Meeting at Leisure World® and Mitch was over-the-globe excited!

In addition to dispensing “Rainbow” candy, perfectly packaged by Rheanna, club members were brought up to speed on the statistics for those exposed to or contracting AIDS in the “over 50” age group. Phil emphasized testing, as most people over 50 were hesitant to be tested due to the stigma attached to having AIDS.

He also went on to tell everyone about PrEP, a new pill-form drug, which is one of the most important advances in HIV science in recent years. Studies have shown that daily PrEP reduces the risk of becoming infected with HIV by around 90% among people who take it as directed. Phil also emphasized the importance of consistent condom use as well.

The Club agenda also included discussion about the upcoming Gala on December 4th sponsored by the LW LGBT Club for the entire community. It is certain they will be painting the town “rainbow” with food, beverages, and a disk jockey to kick off the Holiday Season in style at Leisure World® Maryland.™ is proudly underwriting this salute to Rainbow Yuletide.

It was a pleasure to meet the 40 or so members present at the meeting. Each person there was wearing a smile and offered up some “good work” being done for the community at large and small.™ salutes Mitch Harvey and his earnest efforts to bring LGBT awareness to Leisure World® as well as to “Rainbow Over the Globe™” on™.

Here’s to a World of True Colors!


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