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  • LW LGBT Alliance

    The LW LGBT Alliance was established in 2014 with the vision of providing the Leisure World® lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community a safe and inviting place. Find out more about the LW LGBT Alliance Club.

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  • Read all about the Gala Glitter and Glow!

    The Holiday Gala Celebration, that took place in Leisure World® Maryland, was such a success that it made the front page! Read the article to see what went on at the event everyone is still talking about!

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  • A Whole New World Of Plans for the LGBT Community

    Leisure World® Maryland’s LGBT community reflects on this historic year and makes exciting plans for the future. Click below to see what is up and coming for the LGBT community.

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  • LGBT Maryland Covers Front Page!

    LGBT of Maryland was received with open arms by the community during the Independence Day parade, landing them on the front page of Leisure World® News!

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