The Story of Mickey

Photo courtesy of Flo Hendry – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek

The Story of Mickey

By Anita Hartshorn

Mickey is a Muttville® dog. Part Australian Shepherd, (hence the short legs, small head and freckles), and part yellow Labrador retriever (hence his reddish-yellow color) my husband affectionately called him “The big yellow lump with legs”. Mickey was eight years old when we got him and is now ten.

He has seen a lot of changes, but knows he is loved. He has become very protective of me, and now knows that “leave it” pertains to turkey, deer, and squirrels, as well as other things!

Mickey is a challenge, but very loved. Almost as much as the name “Muttville®” which says it all!

“Senior pets for senior people” is their motto. This senior has found a very good dog to grow old together. Long live us both, and “Muttville®” too!