A Short Synopsis of the
History of Horses
in Rossmoor Walnut Creek

Photo courtesy of Flo Hendry – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek

Horses in Rossmoor

By Carol Pierce

From the days of the original Dollar Ranch, there were always horses in Rossmoor. The old stable was situated just outside the entrance gate where the flood control basin is now. Horses were stabled there for the use of the original residents of the new Rossmoor community. A new stable was erected on the hill near the RV parking area. It was owned and managed by the Rossmoor Horsemen’s Association.

At the time that I moved to Rossmoor in 1998, there were about 14 horses owned by Rossmoor residents including my own 2 purebred Arabians, Hutch Boy and Mahli Manin. The club members worked hard to keep the premises clean and sage. Every day, visitors from the community would drive up to see the animals and give them a treat of carrot or apple.

The Rossmoor Board of Directors worried that the horses were an attractive nuisance and might cause litigation. They eventually forced the closure of the stable. The horse owners were forced to move their animals to outside boarding facilities and the stable and pipe rail fences were dismantled and sold off. One of the owners was able to lease the EBMUD property near the water tank and build some corrals. He brought in some miniature horses and other small animals to create a petting zoo for the residents.