A Cat's Tale
By Ann & Tom La Cascia

Before the snow


Scipio taking in the dim view of snow at the rear of the house after the snow enveloped our manor.


Cyrus & Scipio look to the left.


Cyrus & Scipio check the side of our manor.



Cyrus & Scipio look out the front door.


Cyrus & Scipio close the door.


There are worse places….


Sniffing cold air…

Cyrus and Scipio decide to confer on another window sill.

Cyrus: “Good thing we have a litter box.”

Scipio: “Yeah, but there are no rabbits, chipmunks or squirrels out there.”

Cyrus:   “They are all cuddled up in their nests.”

Scipio: “Perhaps it is time for a nap in our armchair.”

Cyrus: “Sounds good to me.”


Cyrus & Scipio in their favorite chair.

Ann and Tom venture out for a walk on the golf course – the snow is deep. We have twenty inches! Ann looks cute in her parker fitted with a fur rimmed hood. The severe winds of the past few days have subsided, and we enjoy clear sunny skies. No golfers today – there are times that they come out if there is a little snow – they use red golf balls then. Today there are only a few other couples walking hand in hand enjoying the sights of snow ladened fir trees and drifts up to five feet high. The lakes and ponds are frozen over – geese fly overhead looking for water and food. Perhaps they will fly further south.

And what is that we see ahead of us? It looks like an old inn.


Yes, it is, and we go in for our favorite “warmer upper” – hot cocoa laced with Grand Marnier.

We hope that you enjoyed the snow – even if only in your dreams.


Photos courtesy of Ann & Tom La Cascia – Residents of Rossmoor New Jersey.