Take a Tour of
Palouse, Washington
Through the Lens of Walter Braun

Palouse Region of Washington State – Walt Braun North of Colfax and south of Spokane, Washington is a magical region carved by the glaciers about 15,000 years ago. Almost totally an agricultural region, the Palouse area specializes in growing soy and garbanzo beans. In late spring the gently rounded land turns a bright green and at sunrise and sunset the magic begins. Steptoe Butte is located perfectly in the Palouse. It is a conical hill 1,000 feet above the countryside and provides an incredible view of the changing vista. Some of these images were taken from Steptoe. The farmers seem to turn into artists as they cultivate their fields. Some plant canola that provides a perfect contrast to the green bean fields or to the fields that are resting in their dull brown color. A few miles from Steptoe Butte, we came upon the Palouse Falls. Located on the Palouse River and almost 400 feet high we were able to stand and photograph the falls from the very edge of the canyon – scary but well worth the effort. Driving around the region one is struck by the number of weathered barns and pickup trucks that dot the countryside. I’m sure that they are left that way in order to make the region that much more memorable. Similarly the towns tend to be small (population about 3,000) clean and pleasant. So if you are in this little known area of eastern Washington, the Palouse is worth a look.

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All photos courtesy of Walter Braun – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek