Take a Tour of
Olympic National Park
Through the Lens of Walter Braun

In mid-May, 2019 I spent a week in the Olympic National Park located in northwest Washington state. As an urban dweller I was astonished by the diversity of locales in this enormous park. Generally the locales wild beaches and further east are the rainforests. The beaches here are difficult to access since you have to climb over the enormous driftwood logs thrown up on the beach by the fierce storms that roll in from the Pacific. The highlights of the beaches (Cape Flattery, Ruby, Second and Rialto) are the rock sea stacks that sit in the water just off the beach. Don’t know why they attract so many visitors maybe they are just so unusual to us city dwellers. Also, there is a locale called Hurricane Ridge. At an elevation of about 5,200 feet and easily accessible by auto, the park provides amazing views of the surrounding mountains, wildflowers and mountain goats. Finally, the rainforests (Lake Quinault, Ho and Sol Duc) present the visitor with amazing scenes of waterfalls and unmanaged Spruce, Douglas Fir and Maple trees that are covered in moss.  The Ho Rainforest gets about 14 feet of rain a year! Visiting on rainy or overcast days gave me the opportunity to photograph the trees in their best possible light. Hope you enjoy my trip to this beautiful park.

Walt Braun, Rossmoor – Walnut Creek
June 2019

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All photos courtesy of Walter Braun – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek