Do Your Circles Look Like
Bull’s Eyes?

Greetings Ladies!

How to banish that lovely hue of “Navy Blue” under your eyes? Alas…there isn’t much one can do to actually eliminate circles. Sometimes, circles become more pronounced due to an iron deficiency. So if you are not lacking sleep (another cause), you may want to get your iron level checked through a simple blood test. If you are iron-deficient, that could be one reason you have circles. Please consult a physician regarding ANY iron supplements. Too much iron can be extremely toxic to the system…so consult your Doctor!!!!



Circles become more prominent as we age because we lose a bit of fat in that under eye area. (Isn’t that “the way of the world”? Where we need fat we lose it…and where we don’t want fat…we keep it! UGH!) Also, poor circulation can contribute to the “blue hue effect.” Some of the newer cosmetics include caffeine in their under-eye concealers and creams in order to stimulate circulation. Not sure this is really effective…but it sounds good!

Bottom line…the only way to rid yourself of under-eye circles is to cover them! The “key” is to use an eye cream prior to your concealer that is not too heavy or too light in weight. I like the Eye Contour Balm by Clarins. You can get it at most department stores. Nordstrom has it, for example.


I apply the cream to the under eye area.


It is important to “dab” the cream in this area…don’t rub! “Dabbing” allows the cream to settle into the skin. Rubbing only “wipes” over the skin…instead of “soaking” it. Keep in mind a well-hydrated under eye is a younger-looking under eye!

Next, I apply the concealer. You should select a shade that is one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. If you are olive complected, select a concealer that has a bit of “peach” tone in it. Some concealers can give an “ashen” effect if they are too “white.” So if you have a warmer skin tone…use a warmer concealer tone. Make sense? “Whiter” does not mean it will hide better. When the concealer is too light, it can have a raccoon-like effect. That is not the desired look!!!


Apply your concealer over your eye cream and in ANY area that is discolored; be sure to apply it in the corners near the tear duct and bridge of your nose. Again, “dab” and blend excess with a small makeup brush…or the new tapered Q-Tips that are specifically for makeup application. (These “makeup Q-Tips” are the perfect solution for eye makeup application. They are available at any large pharmacy!) Be sure to blend…by “dabbing”!

AND…YES! One of the reasons the Clarins eye cream is fantastic is due to its light weight. I frequently reapply it OVER the existing concealer during the course of the day. You must “dab” though…otherwise you wipe off the concealer. It keeps the area looking refreshed and not dry. Skin…anywhere…looks better, healthier and younger if it is hydrated.

In the last photo, you see the finished circle “camouflage”! Note that the brightness is kept close to the corners and bridge on my nose…rather than under the eye itself. This gives a more radiant look for both eyes. Some makeup artists apply a very tiny “dab” of an iridescent powder there to add “light” to the eyes. My preference is to put a bit more of the concealer in that area so as to ensure a hydrated look. The concept of “brightness” is the same, though.



There are zillions of concealers on the market. My preference are the ones that come in a “wand” or tube format as opposed to those that are “cakes.” Cake concealers generally are heavier and “hide” better. But they can also settle in creases around the eyes. The “wand” or tube variety of under-eye cover is generally lighter in weight and does not “crease” as easily. It’s really a personal choice as to what you wish to try and use. Laura Mercier and Bobbie Brown both have very good “cake” concealers, as does La Mer and Clé de Peau Beauté. La Mer and Clé de Peau Beauté are very expensive, and again, it is more about what you like and what works for you…rather than spending a lot of money. I use the Clarins concealers. They have a nice applicator brush and that suits me fine. I like their color range too.

Most cosmetic lines have a lavish array of concealers from which to choose. The best bet is to head to a cosmetics counter and try them! Put one on and wear it for an hour to see how it “lives” on you! Then come back…and try another. ANY time there is a makeup artist at a Department/Cosmetics store, sit down and have your makeup done. Why not? If you hate it, you can wash it off. I make it a point to take advantage of this complimentary service whenever convenient. No matter how I look when finished…I ALWAYS come away learning some new little trick in applying makeup. It’s fun, it’s free, and most importantly…it makes me feel good!

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