Jack Zins

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Jack Zins, Rossmoor Walnut Creek resident, remembers that when he was a boy in the early 1940’s, every member of his family had a Ration Book. Rationing started in 1942, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The rationing program essentially regulated the amount of certain commodities that a consumer could buy. Each person was allowed a set amount of points per week to use on such items as meat, butter & coffee. Lots of other non-edible products were rationed as well, such as gasoline, tires and other rubber products, nylon products, etc. The cover of Jack’s book reminds people to conserve on many products: “When you have used your Rations, Save the TIN CANS and WASTE FATS. They are used to make munitions for our fighting men.”

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All photos courtesy of Hetta Malone – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek