Land of Austere Beauty
by Joanne & Larry Mars, Leisure World® Maryland

We are avid photographers and we found Iceland to be a wondrous country for photographers. The scenery is quite varied, and exciting to behold. Nature is displayed in its rawest form. Volcanoes can erupt at any time with lava fields from prior eruptions found all over the country. There are geysers and hot springs, powerful waterfalls, (including the largest in Europe), the most massive glacier outside of the polar regions, icebergs up close floating in a major lagoon and sitting on a black sand beach, intriguing rock formations of great variety, sea stacks, beautiful multicolored hills in the highlands and so much else like wild flowers in the Summer and the Northern Lights in Winter. We were continually awed by the incredible scenery.

Another highlight was the capital city, Reykjavik. We found it to be colorful and charming, imaginative in its architecture and bold in its graffiti. And everywhere, the Icelandic people were friendly and so willing to help foreigners. We left Iceland knowing that should we ever return, much of the scenery would be different because the landscape is always being re-formed and, thus, is ever changing.