Shutterbug Lynn Letteris

Photo courtesy of Rossmoor News


As told by Lynn Letteris

A 12-year inhabitant of Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California, Lynn’s avid hobby is photography… only adopted since she became a Rossmoor resident.

Shortly after moving from Los Angeles to Rossmoor, she and her nephew and niece went to New York to see shows and dine around, but for Lynn, it was an opportunity to visit with her son and his family who live in nearby Westfield, New Jersey. The visit coincided with Lynn’s birthday, and her gift from son and his family, her niece and nephew, was her first digital camera.

Upon return to Rossmoor, a friend gifted her with a membership to the Rossmoor Photography Club, and the photo bug bit her. With no comprehensive photography experience, she became an enthusiastic attendant at all club meetings, learning from judges who critiqued the work of other photographers. Shortly after joining the club, she began to compete entering competitions in the Basic category. As her skills improved and her photographs began to win, her ranking improved… going from Basic to Intermediate, then Advanced, and finally Masters, which is her high-as-you-can-go current ranking.

Lynn is a native Californian, but on a long-ago trip to New York with her mother, she fell in love with the city and decided to make it her home. She married there, had two sons, was widowed and remarried. When her second husband decided to retire, they moved back to California, not to the Bay Area in which she was raised, but to Los Angeles where her two stepdaughters and their families reside. The big factor for that move was her and her husband’s love of golf and the desire to play year round, difficult in northern California.

Her professional background is varied and creative. In New York, she was a designer in the fields of fashion jewelry, belts and ladies’ small leather goods. When she moved to Los Angeles and became a golfer, she designed visors for herself that were created to be both fashionable and functional. She had so many requests for them from fellow golfers, she decided to sell them wholesale and created a successful business, selling internationally, that she ran for over twenty years. She feels that photography was especially interesting to her because it allowed her to continue being creative.

After becoming widowed for the second time, her nephews who reside in Walnut Creek persuaded her to move to Rossmoor to be near them, so she reluctantly “closed shop” and moved to Rossmoor, a move she never has regretted.

She fell in love with Rossmoor at once joining so many activities, she had to pare them down. She sat on the board of many of Rossmoor’s clubs and is still active as the publicity chair for the Photography Club and sits on the board of the Apple User Group. Her other hobby is Mah Jongg.

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