Take a Tour of
Basque Country
Through the Lens of Vicky Richardson


Basque Country

by Vicky Richardson, Rossmoor Walnut Creek Resident

I have taken the very long and winding road (60 years) to discover my Basque roots.

However, once discovered, I have been single minded in my approach to connecting with the sights, sounds, and tastes which are Basque.

A business colleague of my husband, from the Basque Country, Alfonso de Ayala, introduced me to the beautiful treasures and joyful spirit from where my family’s history began. There was never a hint of this connection as I was growing up in the United States. Since my discovery and my study of the Basque people and land, I have wholeheartedly embraced the Basque Country as my own. I offer photography from my book to share the marvel and splendor of all that is Basque.


“Born in Guatemala and raised in the United States, Vicky was aware of her Guatemalan connection but never questioned her real roots. All her experiences and references to family ties and customs suddenly became clear once she was introduced to the Basque culture.

Vicky’s background in the arts, both as a practitioner and teacher, along with her training and practice of graphic design, has made it possible for her to meet the challenge of crafting a book which brings to light as to who and what are the Basque people and the Basque country.

Vicky has a wide range of loves and interests in her life. She has been a bilingual secretary, bookkeeper, graphic designer, real estate investor, middle school art teacher, ceramicist instructor, restaurant owner/manager, gallery director, photographer, wife and mother of four children and grandmother of 13. This is what has become the warp and weft of Vicky Ayala Richardson.

I am lucky to have her as a friend, and the Basque Country is lucky to have Vicky as ambassador.”- Kay Rabin, City Guides Docent, San Francisco, California

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All photos courtesy of Vicky Richardson from Rossmoor Walnut Creek.