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Barcelona Trip

by Paul Roberts, Leisure World® Maryland

The Park Guell is most memorable to me because of the unbelievable climb to it. In the middle of the hill was an escalator (outdoor) that probably was placed there to ameliorate the strenuous climb. Near that landing was a most unlikely gilded mime who at first glance, looked like a sculpted statue. He was a diversion till I reached the top. What greeted me was a fantasy park whose entrance gate was guarded by a giant mosaic-tiled salamander which spouted water. This was the entrance to a wonderland playground for children, the seats and walls colorfully decorated with mosaic tiles of every imaginable size and shape.

The most exciting port of call was Lisbon, Portugal. We had a full day to sight see, and I got a taste of some of the most unbelievable sites imaginable. The little that I was able to see convinced me that there had to have been something in the water to have blessed this city with such an explosion of culture. Wherever you turned an intricately designed church or fort or statue forced you to stand in awe.

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All photos courtesy of Paul Roberts – Resident of Leisure World® Maryland,
except where noted.