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Through the Lens of Zina Mirsky

Just before the Covid -10 pandemic shut down travel (Jan/Feb 2020) I took a Polar Latitudes cruise to Antarctica. We started in Ushuaia, Argentina, a welcoming and beautiful embarkation spot. A small and well-appointed ship took us to the Falkland Islands, where we visited Stanley for shopping and a pop-up coffee at the Cathedral, and the outer islands where we walked among rockhopper and albatross nesting areas. Beautiful people and beautiful sights.

When we went to South Georgia Island we learned how to clean all our gear and boots so that we didn’t bring organisms from one site to another. Visiting the places where Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton sought rescue for his long-stranded men in the tale of “Endurance”, and where he is buried, gave adventure history new life.

We were able to kayak once we left the South Georgia Island, and had amazing days of immersion with the seals, penguins, whales and icebergs of the South Ocean. Every day we visited rookeries close up via kayak, or in Zodiacs if the waves were too high to kayak. We saw many penguins; King, gentoo, chinstrap, and macaroni penguins, and many varieties of seabirds and seals. Staying safely away from the largest icebergs that could harm us if they flipped over, we saw fantastic ice shapes and had penguins swimming alongside to keep us company. Humpback whales breached within yards of us and made us understand the allure of the deep.

I wish only that I had done this decades ago!!

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All photos courtesy of Zina Mirsky – Resident of Rossmoor Walnut Creek